July 12th - Carrie 11 - 3:30
Disney All Day
Carrie’s popular Disney pages and recipe book continues with two new 12x12 layouts and 4 more recipe pages. If you love Disney, but want a slightly more sophisticated look, this class is for you.

July 18th - Daniela 1 - 4 $45
Twilight Altered Book
Come join Daniela in Alterering this book which is amazing! It will be a class with book club feel thrown in. If you have always been curious about this huge hit of a book and movie, we'll discuss it all. You'll also be learning all the great techniques of altering a book. We'll be altering the actual Twilight book highlighting the famous and incredible lines in it. Bring your basic tool kit including craft knife. All other supplies (including the book!) are included.

July 19th - Lisa Super 11 - 2 $45
Canvas Sampler
Did you know that the smallest canvas you can buy is 2x2? To get tiny 1x1 inch canvases we're going to have to hand wrap them and that's just what we'll do. We'll collage them together on a 4x4 distressed canvas. Working small has never been so fun! Please bring decorative scissors, brown distress ink and Fabri-tac glue. (you canvas may vary from sample/photo)

July 19th - Ingrid 2 - 5 $40
Lavender Ladies
Looking for a way to relax through creativity? Join Ingrid in her class where you will create fragrant sachets, filled with dried lavender, and transformed into vintage ladies. The scent of lavender and creating with kindred spirits will definitely put you into a state of total relaxation! Be sure to look for Ingrid’s featured article on her Lavender Ladies in the upcoming issue of “Somerset Studio Home!”

July 25th - Daniela 1 - 3 $32
Gypsy Trunk - Are you a Gypsy Girl? Have you always wanted to play with all their fun products and learn how to use them? In this class we'll make a Chipboard Mini Album in the shape of a house and add all kinds of 7Gypsies items from the Gypsy Trunk line and more! Come release your "Inner Gypsy" in this fun class! Bring your basic tool kit.

July 26th - Connie 11 – 2 $40
Mystic Gesso

In this first of my series of classes exploring the use of texture in collage in more depth, you will create with Gesso. In particular the class will explore the opaque properties of Gesso for a misty, shabby look that makes collage Magic. Also introduced in the class is a second texture medium call White Opaque Flakes. Please bring scissors and a variety of paintbrushes. You may also bring a favorite image that will be big enough for a 6X6 canvas. Please make sure that you only bring a toner copy not an inkjet image. Unless you have an Epson permanent ink printer your inkjet image will smear. I will have more than enough images for everyone in the event you don’t have your own.
Class size limited to 12 – aprons advised
Come and Play!


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