NEW Arrivals!

Okay, this has to be quick, because I have to get up for school at 8 am... But I wanted to let you all know what's NEW in the store for the last few days! Sorry, I couldn't post sooner, but I was in school Wednesday and Thursday! Anyway, enough about me and onto what's NEW!!!

The Greeting Farm stamps! OMG!!! These are the cutest little people! Look them up because they are to die for! I couldn't decide who I wanted to buy first! And for all you Twilight fans, there is a Bella, Edward, Alice and Jasper! Was anyone else thinking of coloring Edward with some Glimmer Mist?? Ummm... I AM!

Next, PRIMA! Yay!!! Everyone loves their flowers, and let me tell you, they have out down themselves with this release! Everything is so cute! I walked away with two bags full of flowers just for myself! AHH!!! And their paper lines are just beautiful! You have to see it to believe it...

Another line people have been going CRAZY over is the new MELODY ROSS! Yes, it's all in and it's all so dang cute!!!! Three new lines with tons of embellishments! Trust me, there is something in these collections for everyone!

WERMemory Keepers came out with a new line called Vintage Blue and the colors are just beautiful! Think bold blues, greens, purples and oranges... It is a beautiful take on classic spring colors! And, tons of embellishments with this line too!

Reminisce Sports and Unwritten have come in! Great for layouts of your kids!

Okay, I think that's it... I'm so tired, I can't remember... I feel like I'm missing something, but I don't know what! Moral of the story: Get into the store! We have so much new stuff, and it's selling like crazy! I can't wait to see you all there!

And a special thanks to everyone who reads this blog! I really appreciate it! Tell me what you think and leave a comment! Sorry I couldn't post any pictures, my MAC doesn't let me rearrange them, so they'd all just be sitting at the top or bottom... I'll try and get some pics up of the store on Sunday when I'm in there! Anyhoo, good night everyone!


nan said...

well, i love the blog!

Marian said...

I read this blog! I take it to heart, and so appreciate your efforts!


Nikki said...

Thanks guys! I really do try!!! xoxo

Nikki I really appreciate your keeping us up to date. Those of us who have a long drive try to have an idea of what we'll see when we come in or wait until you get a particular line or designer (read "Tim Holtz"!!!). See you later this week, hopefully!

janbythesea said...

Greetings from Monterey!

I come up to Bezerkley to see my Uncle Mel over at the East Bay Media Center on Addison and I ALWAYS pop in with my Chihuahua and husband and spend about 2 hours looking at your displays..I LOVE YOUR STORE and the folks there are TOPS and always so sweet. Love the BLOG and layouts. cant wiat to see you again!


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