the VAGABOND has arrived...

That's right... It's here!  The VAGABOND is the most exciting and highly anticipated machine of the year!  And we are one of the first stores in the whole world to get them!  So, come on in and pick yours up today!
Direct from Tim's Blog, talking all about his newest idea that's come to life:
"the vagabond is a personal die cut machine unlike anything you have ever seen before, and trust me when i say it works like no other machine too.  this portable, fully electric motorized machine, makes die cutting and embossing incredibly simple and truly limitless.  i wanted a machine that was more powerful than any machine out in the market.  why???  simple, i want it to cut and emboss thicker materials like grungeboard, chipboard, bookboard, metal, canvas, acrylic in addition to layers of cardstock, grungepaper, and fabrics.  this powerhouse not only cuts with ease, but embosses full sheets of grungeboard and chipboard with out any hesitation...
of course not only did this machine have to work like no other, it needed to look the part too.  that's where the challenges really came in and everyone at sizzix did an amazing job in sharing the same creative visions - thank you so much!  i designed a machine to resembles a vintage suitcase that has traveled the world with it's unique hardware, nostalgic texture, and distressed finish.  i designed a machine that looked artful enough to leave out yet entirely compact so it wouldn't take up much space.  i designed a machine that could cut and emboss any art medium i wanted to use so i wasn't limited to just paper.  the vagabond is truly everything i imagined it to be..."


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