That's right... The newest collections, Oliver and Olivia, have arrived in the store!  These are awesome!  So cute, so fun and so easy to use!  Plus, they've added new embellishments to the Basics line.  So come on in to check it all out!


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Irene. I write the Bay Area and National scrapbook columns at I couldn't find an email address for Scrapbook Territory, so I wanted to contact you here to let you know that your store and class info was published in my local scrapbooking classes article last night.

The article link is:
[Also shortened to:]

If there are any errors in your listing, please let me know and I will fix them immediately.

Subscribe spam-free to my local scrapbook column using the subscribe link beneath the article's title and you'll never miss a directory/class update featuring your store.

Have a fabulous Friday!:)

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