Designers Notebook by Marah Johnson

Saturday, September 11th, 12:00-3:00 PM, $43
Join Marah Johnson in a fast paced, technique driven class. We will explore over 24 techniques, tips and tricks that you can adhere into your designer notebook. This notebook is meant to become a tool in your studio and to give a hands-on visual of what products look like when used in different applications. We will explore, inks, mists,paint daubers and dabbers, wood papers by Creative Imaginations, Luminarte twinks and daubers, stencils, and masks, as well as Flocked papers and stickers, and how to take them out of the box. Additionally, we will explore foils, adhesives, felts and paints (yes- in that combo, even!) We will find the "super" in Super Seal, and put it to the test. We will also explore various adhesives and their uses beyond what the manufacturer suggests.

You will leave with a notebook filled with great ideas, samples, and notes. Students can bring products they have questions about as well.

Student supply list: Composition book (just like your kids use in school), favorite adhesives, a journaling pen, scissors, glue dots, and rubber gloves (optional).
Sleep well the night before (you're going to need your rest! Marah is going to keep you on your toes.)


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